ESL - June 2015, Woodhaven

Some guys do have all the luck!

She got up and went to the bathroom to pee. She always woke up at 7am even on Sundays, when she did not have to go to the office. The sun was sneaking through the bedroom's stained glass window and she could see that Gad had thrown the sheet off the bed, lying naked on his back. There were 3 days left until his 70th birthday, but she thought that he still looked great. Though his hair had turned gray, he still had a full head, as well a chest full of it. Going to the gym three times a week had made him look quite athletic and kept him in great shape. Working out and swimming in the back yard on other days, contributed to that as well. His flaccid penis, resting on his left thigh looked like a disheveled tie and reminded her of the first time they had met. It was New Year's Day and she was hanging out with a visiting High School friend. They had partied all night and had had very little sleep. Around noon they ended up in some dive on Avenue A were she tried to pick up the very young and very beautiful red-headed bartender. Somehow, during the conversation, she found out that the bartender's daddy was sitting right next to her. One thing led to another and her friend convinced her to take Gad with them to the Upper West Side were Ashera was house sitting for another friend. Though they were quite drunk, Ashera realized that her friend was trying to hook her up with a man in the hope that she could 'cure' her of her Lesbianism. Strange how things turned out, but she still remembered touching a man's penis and enjoying it for the first time - she also remembered finding it not at all unpleasant. She sat down on the edge of the bed and gave it a fond caress. The penis seemed to have a mind of its own because it gave a little twitch, though its owner was fast asleep. Or perhaps he was only faking. She encircled it with her fist and squeezed very gently. She got another twitch so she bent her head over and encircled the tip of it with her lips. In a very short time she had that soldier standing at attention, so she climbed up onto   the bed and straddled it. Morning fucking is always a lot of fun and they have been doing it for many years, so their genitals knew the way almost as if by instinct. The penis and vagina were merged so tightly that the only way you could tell where one's pubic hair ended and the other one's started was by the two varying colors. His was still dark brown while hers was a dirty yellow.

 He wasn't sleeping, just pretending. After 25 years, he still loved her, he loved the feel of her body and very much so, the sensation of being inside her. He did not have to open his eyes to look - he could see her short blonde bob, the expressive lips in her patrician face, her long elegant neck and the exquisite clavicles leading to the lily white shoulders, with his mind's eye. That imaginary eye roved down admiring the slightly sagging but very beautiful tits, the small slightly rounded tummy and lower down to the beginning crease of her vagina and the junction where the two of them were becoming one organism. She was just sitting on top of him not moving, but he knew what was coming and his penis started a regular slow throbbing in anticipation. Sure enough, the walls of her vagina started undulating in an age old response that is said to date as far back as Cleopatra and perhaps even earlier. The feeling was mutually satisfying and gradually intensifying. After a few minutes the itch became more urgent so she leaned forward and with only a small amount of contorting managed to stick the tip of her right tit inside his mouth. At the same time she began to move her pelvis with a horizontal back and forth motion. He responded by thrusting up and down while licking and sucking her nipple, which he knew she enjoyed very much. He grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them apart displaying her anus to all the invisible witnesses. Actually, she had taken to leaving the closet door open at a certain angle so that he could see that back action in the mirror, while looking over her shoulder. He loved to stick one of his fingers into her asshole and stimulate his penis as well as his senses with the dirty activity, but on this day, he refrained. He just wanted to imagine her ass cheeks separating when she moved back showing her asshole - after which she would move forward hiding it again.

 25 or so years earlier, on the afternoon that ended in the forever revered apartment, Ashera's friend Cathy pretended to be tired and commandeered the living room sofa. They were left with one of two alternatives: sharing the queen sized bed or having one of them sleep on the floor. Ashera, deciding to mess with her friend offered to share the bed with Gad. She told him that he should not try to take advantage of the situation because she was a Lesbian, happily cohabitating with her partner Liliana – always attentive to women’s needs, he just turned his back on her trying to sleep. She spooned against him squashing her large tits against his back, so he couldn't quite manage to do that. After about 20 minutes of that she tapped him on the shoulder asking if he was asleep. He just shook his head. 'It's hot in here, do you mind if we take off our clothes? It might cool us off a bit.' He could feel some motion and he imagined that she was stripping so he turned around and found that he was right. She had just taken off her pullover sweater and was in the process undoing the clasp of her bra. The magnificent orbs seemed to relish their new freedom and she stretched up her arms causing his eyes to devour their pink capped white expanse hungrily. With a shy, alluring smile, she the proceeded to unzip her jeans and pull them down. Realizing that she was obviously serious about the stripping bit,  he proceeded to undress as well. Somehow they ended up facing each other in a sitting position. Gad was most visibly aroused and she was probably as well because her nipples were quite erect. Perhaps it was just a bit chillier than she had thought. 'I had sex with a boy one time when I was about 16. We were in high-school at the time and he was one year older - I did not enjoy it.' He did not want to spoil the moment so he kept quiet. It was very exciting just to sit there naked with a much younger woman eyeing his body just as he was eyeing hers. 'You look nice' she said, 'So do you' he replied. 'I have not really looked at a penis up close before. I think I like the way it looks. May I touch it?' 'I would be very happy if you did.' he replied. She touched the tip of his penis gently pulling it forward. When she let it go, it went into a gentle bobbing movement making her giggle. 'I always thought Lesbians hated men' he said. 'I do not hate anybody, and I do not see any reason to hate you. I hardly know you.' 'Is it OK then if I touch you as well?' 'Sure, why not.' He placed his palms on her shoulders and moved them downwards slowing to a crawl when he got to her tits. He squeezed her nipples gently making her shiver and continued on downwards. His palms moved out slightly caressing the ample hips and slid over her thighs, stopping with his fingers resting on the outer lips of her vagina. 'I love pussy' he said 'may I kiss it?' She seemed a bit shy, but she nodded her head. He bent over and using his fingers he pulled her lips further apart and stuck his tongue into her honeypot. In this case the expression was very appropriate - that pussy had only been visited once by a very young cock 7-8 years before and it was really, really very tasty. His tongue moved upwards towards her clitoris while his fingers were playing paradiddles inside her. She started making a moaning sound that kept increasing in volume. Cathy ran in going 'What the fuck is going on?' before her eyes managed to take in the view. I could guess that she was blushing and she retreated quickly, uttering a stuttered apology. We did not have intercourse on that first encounter, but she reciprocated by doing a very satisfying fellatio job on my patiently waiting cock. I couldn't help keep myself from ejaculating all over her face and tits when the critical moment arrived. I apologized and I insisted that she let me wash her whereupon we ended up in the bathroom showering each other off. She seemed to enjoy washing my body just as much as I was enjoying washing hers. I thought that was a wonderfully tender, loving shower and the future vindicated my belief that something wonderful was getting started. Later that day, I overheard her friend Cathy saying to her 'Seemed like you had a good time there.'

 The next six months or so were a very happy period in my life. Ash, as I soon gathered her friends addressed her, asked for my phone number and said she would call. She would not give me her number so I assumed that was the end of it. I was therefore quite surprised when she called me 2 days later and asked if I would I have lunch with her. I was not sure what to make of it, but we met and she just couldn't keep her hands off of me. She would pull me into any dark corner or doorway and kiss me repeatedly while feeling me up all over. At first I was a bit reluctant, but she would have none of that - she would often grab my hand and stick it inside her panties. When I'd stick my fingers inside her, she would moan excitedly, riding them like they were some kind of magical dildo. After a while she might pull my hand out and make me stick them into my mouth. 'Appetizer' she would say. She loved to find deserted areas and flash me some part of her body. We could be walking along in Central Park and seeing no one around, she would pull down her blouse and pull my face between her marvelous tits. Or else she would lift up her skirt and show me her gorgeous ass. Most of the time, she was not wearing any panties. Sometimes, we would find an out of the way movie theatre and sit in the back where she would always give me a great blow-job. There were of course places to which we could not go, because she was afraid someone might recognize her and tell Liliana. I was afraid that the situation would become complicated sooner or later, so I asked her to move in with me. She said she will think about it, but she took too long. The day did come when Liliana busted us, embarrassingly, in their own bed. A scene ensued of course and I ended up down in the street in almost no time at all. I was hoping that Ash would call me - I truly missed the youthful joy that she had brought to my life. Days passed, and then weeks and months and not a word was heard. I tried hanging out in some of those places that she had avoided frequenting with me, hoping that I might run into her. I think some of the regulars recognized me, because once in a while it seemed like they were whispering and sending me ambiguous glances, when they saw me passing by. I had pretty much resolved that I will ring their door bell and confront the two of them, proposing to marry Ash at once. In retrospect, I know that it was a stupid idea. The two of them actually thought marriage was a ridiculous Patriarchal invention, intended to tie women down. In my cowardice, I kept delaying the confrontation day, but it turned out that it was a fortunate non-decision.

 About six months passed until events took a new and fortunate turn. More specifically, the day was the 27th day in August of the year 1993 - a day before my 46th birthday. I was sitting at the bar in one of my regular saloons on 8th avenue when Liliana walked in. Left me totally speechless, but she walked over to me and asked if I would join her for a drink at a booth in the back. At 30 years old, Liliana was quite a stunner - she was part Cuban, part African with a bit of the Irish thrown in. Her skin was quite dark and her raven black hair was curly and long and loose. She always dressed like a model and her body, though a little too thin for my tastes was of the kind that guys would drool over and women would kill for. I just waved to the bartender and followed her. Everyone was giving me questioning looks but I just shrugged. Of course I knew her, but I had no idea what she wanted. The last time we had met she had pretty much thrown me out into the street on my ass so to speak. I slid into the booth across from her and said 'Hello Liliana, I wish I could say that it is good to see you.' The waitress came over asking what we'd like to drink. 'I'll have another one of these' I said. 'I'll have the same' said Liliana. I found out later that she knew that I was always drinking Courvoisier VSOP and that I was quite partial to Trappist Belgian Ales. 'Well, we shall see about that' she addressed my previous sentence. 'Do you know that tomorrow is Ash's birthday?' 'No shit' I replied 'I honestly, did not. Somehow it just never popped up in conversation - which means that none of you are aware that tomorrow is my birthday as well.' "Wow,' exclaimed Liliana 'Much bigger shit then, because I have come bearing presents. I have watched Ash getting more and more miserable as time went by. When I asked her she evaded the answer, but I feel that she is still somewhat infatuated with you. It was obviously not an easy decision for me, but I have come to the conclusion that I need to find out what the truth of it is once and for all. And so, I wanted to invite you to a birthday party, though not as a guest, but rather as a present. As I just found out, the birthday girl will also serve as your present. I love her and I forgave her the dalliance or whatever it was that she had with you. If it will make her happy, I will forgive her once more.' After this statement, Liliana took a long swig out of her snifter, as did I. 'Do you mind if I put this into plain language?' I asked. 'You know what I am saying Gad, but go ahead anyway' she said. 'Are you truly proposing that I come to a birthday party in honor of your lover and that as a gift to her, I fuck her? Aren't you a Lesbian? And do you know that means that I am going to stick my cock into her cunt and move it in and out and in and out and in and out, until it makes her scream with pleasure, shake with passion and cause me to ejaculate all over her magnificent tits and belly?' 'You didn't have to be so literally crude you bastard.' 'Well, I owed you one, you know. Since that did not sound like an objection, sure, I accept. How are we going to do this - fill me in.' 'Take it easy stallion, not we, just you.'

 The next day, I was waiting in the dark in their bedroom. Next door in the living room, Ash, Lil and 10 of their friends were listening to music, smoking some very aromatic ganja, drinking, snacking and just having a jolly good time. I thought Ash's laughter was a bit forced, but what did I know, I hadn't gotten over her. I could hear some of the conversations but mostly things were a bit muffled, so it was good thing that Lil gave me a little heads up knock before sending Ash in for her secret 'present.' The street light spilling through the slightly parted curtains was the only illumination in the room so it took Ash perhaps 20 seconds to notice my still silhouette reclining in their bed. Later on she told me that she thought I was another female friend - she had been hinting to Lil (as I also got to call her later on) that it might spice things up. As she got closer and could finally discern my features, she lay down next to me put and her head on my chest while silent tears falling from her beautiful eyes. 'Is it really you, or am I losing my mind?' 'It you're losing your mind, I guess we are doing it together' I replied kissing her teary cheeks. We did not converse any more for a while - we just removed our clothes and recommenced the long neglected but not forgotten motions that used to make us so happy. If Lil needed any proof, I knew she would get it, because it was like we had never been apart. I kissed Ash's mouth trying to muffle the loud side-effect of her orgasm with only a moderate success - the walls were not thick enough and everyone in the next room knew exactly what was happening, but not how or with whom. In the aftermath, I held her tight and swore that I will never lose her again. She kissed me ardently and promised that I never will. The party was winding down, but obviously still going on. Nobody would possibly leave before they found out more about Ash's present. So, she cleaned herself up a bit and walked out again. To the more observant Lil, it was obvious that she had been crying and that she smelled of male sperm. To everyone else she seemed radiant, which she was and when she kissed Lil ardently they cheered and applauded. They knew that something exciting had happened in the next room and they all pestered Ash and then Lil with questions. Ash and Lil sitting on the sofa holding hands parried all the enquiries. 'It was Ash's present and when she is ready, she will reveal it to the world, but for now let it remain a secret for just a little bit longer' was the best they could get from Lil. The official party eventually ended at about 4 am when the last guest left. My party was only starting and when the bedroom door opened and they walked in hand in hand and stood naked at the foot of the bed, I imagined that I had died and gone to Heaven. The Goddesses of Night and Day were standing in front of me in all of their divine natural glory. Ash's naked charms refreshed the rusty memory and she was indeed as beautiful as I remembered. Lil was a previously unimaginable sparkling gift from Heaven and an amazing complement to Ash’s beauty. Without her clothes on, Lil looked a thousand times more desirable and I didn't even remember at the time that I used to be critical of her somewhat slim-athletic frame. I could not move, nor could I speak for fear of shattering the magical tableau. I was still lying naked on their bed and a part of my mind was worried about the effect my cock might have on Lil's sensibilities. She was of course, the first one to speak and she addressed me. 'I do not know, where this is going to go in the future, but I love Ash with a passion and it appears that so do you. I think she still loves me and it now seems obvious the she loves you as well. I have been thinking this over for the past few months and I have come to the conclusion that love is not a quantifiable commodity. It cannot be measured, but it can also not be constrained without someone suffering the consequences. I do not care for your cock, nor obviously for any other man's cock, but I will share Ash's body with you, if she so desires.' Ash spoke just one word that changed all of our futures. 'Yes' she said. 'To continue' said Lil 'I do not wish to spend the rest of my life without Ash, so perhaps we could agree on some kind of arrangement between the three of us, that will not exclude any of us from this relationship.' I could only reply with the same one word 'Yes' I said, and I added 'with all my heart.' 'One last thing' added Lil 'I know the effect my body has on women as well as on men. My nudity was not aimed at you. Though it is your birthday, I am still Ash's present as much as she is yours.' ‘Your birthday?' asked Ash and we realized that in the heat of the planning we forgot to mention that to her.’46th' I replied. She let go of Lil's hand, walked over to me and laying her naked body over mine, she kissed my lips and wished me 'The happiest birthday ever. I know it is for me' she said while rolling over to my other side. It was a good thing that they had a king-sized bed. She reached out her hand to Lil who came and lay down on her other side. We had a lot more sex the rest of that night and most of the next morning, though none of it involved the three of us at the same time. Watching Lil doing things to Ash did not bother me at all now that I knew it would not take her away from me. On the contrary, it inflamed my desire quite dangerously. At first, Ash seemed a bit reluctant to ride my erect cock while Lil was watching, but Lil actually pushed her over gently. Apparently, Ash having sex with me had quite an erotic effect on Lil because she would then take her turn doing interesting and very arousing things to Ash's body. I learned a thing or two on that first night about pleasing women.

 Against all odds, the passing years cemented their relationship and perhaps even contributed to their success. There were some rough patches, like the time that Lil had decided to experiment with other sex partners and on a few occasions she brought someone home, trying to get her two other partners interested. It took a while for Lil to become fully integrated into their relationship. In those days, Gad was still living in his tiny basement in Forest Hills but hanging out at the girls' Avenue A walk-up frequently. One day, while Ash was visiting her parents in Akron, Lil called and asked him to come over to discuss some things. Getting to the apartment, he found Lil slightly inebriated and wearing a very sexy baby-doll that would reveal some pretty parts of her anatomy strategically. A bit surprised, he sat down when she poured him a glass of wine and brought a platter of cheese and cold-cuts. 'I want to take the next step' she said 'we need to get closer.' She downed her drink and came over to sit in his lap. She took his right hand and placed it on her freshly depilated vagina. 'How do you like it?' 'I have admired your vagina from afar for quite a while - you know that I love it and clean shaved like this it’s quite a treat. 'We've known each other for a while now, Gad, so feel free to call it a cunt, or a pussy if you prefer. Vagina sounds so clinical.' She proceeded to unbutton his pants when she felt his cock growing and without much more preparation, she slid that smooth pussy right over it. 'What do you think?' she asked. 'It is even better than I have imagined and of course I have done that many times, but I am not sure if we shouldn’t have waited until Ash was here.' 'She will be OK with it, don't worry too much.' It was a great night for Gad and he thought that the future was looking even better, but it actually led to some roughness that nearly destroyed their arrangement. In the morning, when Lil sobered up, she started crying and confessing that what she did was terrible, that she was a horrible person and that the only thing that she could do to atone was having Gad fuck her in the ass. Gad was quite taken aback, not the he did not once in a while have anal fantasies, he just did not expect that it could happen with Lil. It didn't take long for her to convince him and he obliged after she buttered up her own asshole copiously. It was tight and wonderful and he shot a serious load inside her. Later on the way home, he was not sure what that was all about and how it will develop. A day before Ash returned, Lil called Gad and asked him not to tell Ash about their sexual encounter. She had to leave on business for a few days and she wanted all of them to discuss it together. After she came back, it seemed like there would be no opportunity, because she took to drinking more than usual and spending nights away from home. One night she came home with a young good looking stud and pretty much forced Ash to have sex with him while she and Gad where watching. Gad feeling quite guilty about their secret did not know how to react, so he just let it happen. The next night, Ash called him crying and asked him to come over. Lil had apparently over-dosed on some drug or another at a night club and had been rushed to Mount Sinai. Visiting hours were of course over, but they could go there in the morning. When he got to the apartment, Gad told her that Lil and he had had sex while she was out of town and they needed to figure out what was going on with Lil.

 A few difficult months passed during which Lil started seeing a therapist, stopped drinking and insisted on having frequent intercourse with Gad. Gad and Ash did their best to reassure her of their love and of their intention of not letting go of her. Somehow, it worked out. Ash and Lil's bookkeeping office had in the meantime, become a major firm with many important clients and their offices on Madison Avenue eventually had to expand to an extra floor and hire a lot of help. Ten years went by and they were living together in the same Avenue A apartment though by then they could afford a lot more. The building had in the meantime become a condo and they were lucky enough to buy their unit as well as the one across the hall converting them into a two bedroom apartment. They liked the neighborhood and they re-did the lay-out in such a way that the second living room became Gad's studio. The light was actually quite good and he would sit there most of the day and paint. He called his style Neo-Illustrationism and over the years he had managed to build up a decent reputation and sell quite a few paintings. His favorite, the Goddesses of Day and Night was hanging in his studio all covered up and would be only viewable to outsiders on the 28th of August of each year. If they were lucky, one of the hosts would relate the events of that fateful birthday in 1993. As time went by the three of them became quite a fixture on the downtown art scene. In addition to painting, Gad was also a decent singer/songwriter and he eventually convinced Ash and Lil to sing and play with him. They called themselves GadAshLil and they decided not to record anything. They would book some gigs at Arlene's Grocery, The Rockwood Music Hall and other downtown performing spaces and just do it for the fun of it. They always saved a space in front of the stage for the first four people who showed up with recording equipment and they encouraged them to record video and audio and post it anywhere they liked, with the condition that they provide a link to GadAshLil’s Creative Commons license. Gad would usually play an acoustic guitar, with Lil on the piano and Ash on ukulele, mandolin or tambourine. Depending on their mood they would once in a while, hire bass, drums and sometimes even a bassoon, oboe or French horn.

 All of this in just one morning - the remembrance was evoking all kinds of emotions in him. His love for Ashera was as strong as ever and just as undemanding and absolutely unconditional. He decided that putting it all on paper or its electronic equivalent was something that he needed very much to do. It would be a fitting complement to his paintings. The paintings were serving a different but not at all foreign purpose All of that and even his music would not have been possible without Ashera. He was quite happy with the way this memory shaped up and so he considered that perhaps he would publish a little collection of short stories. He might call it "Observational Tales" and the first one of those would of course be "Ashera." Ashera was originally one the early Hebrew Goddesses that got replaced by the despotic father figure named Jehovah amongst other things.

Liliana was of course just another variation on Lilith's name and one that the patriarchs had failed to erase. He had looked up his own name and found to his surprise that Gad was also the name of an early forgotten Hebrew deity. Perhaps, there are no coincidences he thought. The second tale would of course be named "Liliana." He had come to love her in a different way but not necessarily with a lesser love than the one he showered upon Ashera. Who knows he might even have a third tale named "Gad." And how about another one about a new trinity named 'GadAshLil,’ a spiritual manifestation of love in all of its aspects.

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